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Riding Gear Clearance!
Riding Gear Clearance!
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Blade UTV RZR 170cc Polaris RZR 170 UTV Type Utility Vehicle
RZR 170cc UTV
RZR 170cc UTV
view Blade UTV RZR 170cc Polaris RZR 170 UTV Type Utility Vehicle

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We ONLY sell First Run, Units!!! What does that mean?

Chinese made Kid atvs etc. have different degrees of quality, just like products that are Made In The USA. strong> (Whether it be Adult, Teen, Youth, or Kid ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters, or Motorcycles) There are 3 degrees, or "runs" of production on these units. First shift, second shift, and third shift workers assemble them, test them and prep them for export.

The first shift, or "1st run" units are built by the most skilled workers. They have worked for the factory the longest, resulting in a very high quality products. This is due to experience and attention to detail. These "1st Run" units cost the importer a few bucks more. (usually $30-$50 more per unit) For this small extra fee higher quality parts are used, and more skilled workers make them. Superior carburetors are used as well as better starters, coils, electrical parts, a thicker grade of steel tubing in the frame, better weld points.…

The second shift workers or "2nd Run"; products have a medium grade of quality because production steps up a little faster. Workers are not as skilled as the first shift.

The third shift workers make the "3rd Run"; units, the workers on this shift are getting paid on how many units they can put out by the end of the day (and they are just slapped together it seems)....resulting in a product that is hard to assemble because the parts don't exactly line up. (You literally have to bend some of the metal parts to get things to line up properly) They're not made to last. They end up with numerous defects. Some you can see, but in most cases, you don't find out until you ride it a few times. These workers are the new hires, most of them start at the factory as steel cutters and welders making the steel crates that the bikes are shipped in.

These 2nd and 3rd run units have a much lower grade of parts, carbs, electronics modules, tack welded frame joints, etc. resulting in a unit that can be sold only with a short warranty of 6-12 months or less. Some companies who sell these also try to sell you a longer extended warranty

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The information below has to do with the legislation recently passed to prevent children from eating the brakes and battery terminals on their new atv or new dirt bike.

On Wednesday, 2/11/09, the mud hit the flaps for thousands of motorcycle and recreation vehicle retailers across the country: All of them had to cease selling off branded models of a kid atvs , kid dirt bikes, small off-road motorcycles and ATVs designed for kids, because, according to a provision of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the machines are dangerous. Not because a child might have an accident on the cheap atvs or dirt bikes, go karts but because if a child develops an appetite for the device's brakes or battery terminals and decides to eat the ATV or motorbike, lead poisoning may result. The new legislation is intended to prevent the sale of items containing lead that could be ingested by a child. Motorcycle and ATV retailers and dealers in the U.S. who sell child atvs, and youth dirt bikes designed for children under the age of 12 that do not meet the limits for lead and phthalate are staring at a $100,000 to $15 million fine. The regulation takes an estimated $100 million worth of inventory off the sales floors of some 13,000 dealers immediately. It also impinges on manufacturers, makers of aftermarket equipment and everything from racetracks to distributors. Ty van Hooydonk, director of product communications for Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC)'s Discover Today's Motorcycling program, notes that the ban encompasses some 19 models from just Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki, as well as reputable online dealers like Olson Power Sports. He says the assumption that kids enjoy licking and chewing on brakes, suspension parts, tires and battery terminals is flawed. "I really love bikes and ATVs, and have since I was a kid. In all those decades, I never once had the thought or desire to nibble on one, or lick one like an ice cream cone. I've also been around a whole lot of kids dirt bike over all these years. I've still never seen one of them who thought their bike might be tasty," he says. Industry reps say the lead used in motorcycles and ATVs is embedded in alloys but is not easily transferred to humans through typical use, the way lead in paint or infant toys would be. The lead-content provisions of the act were originally aimed at children's toys, but while the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has stayed some provisions of the act, it has not done so for the motorcycle and ATV industry. "We were left out," says van Hooydonk. In response, the MIC, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) and member manufacturers two weeks ago filed petitions for temporary exclusion for certain ATV and motorcycle components, parts and accessories. Paul Vitrano, general counsel at MIC, said the essential problem is the breadth of the law, which went into effect on Tuesday. He says the law applies to lead content in all products for children 12 and under. "The basis [of the MIC and SVIA petition] is that these parts that contain lead are unlikely to be handled by any other way than by hand," he says. He says the MIC has not yet received a response--"but we are very comfortable with regard to the facts and very optimistic that the petitions will be granted because we have made a showing under the law that the risk to children is nil." But Vitrano concedes that timing is of the essence, since spring is a huge sales season for motorcycles and ATVs. "But timing around when relief would be granted is unclear," he says--adding that for the past few weeks, MIC has been urging dealers, suppliers and enthusiasts to contact their members of Congress to express support for the industry's petition and contact them directly. It was the weirdest thing, if you were to walk into Olson Powersports after this law passed and there were no mini-bikes, no ATVs, no kid atv on the whole sales floor, only Adult ATV, Adult Dirt Bike, pretty big selection of Go Karts, and inexpensive Cheap Scooters. Being in this business for 8 years, there's been nothing like this. We can't even sell used ones--we can't sell helmets, goggles--nothing for kids." He says dealers knew this was in the wind, but didn't take it seriously. Then came a memo from Suzuki (and the other manufacturers) to dealers: "They said we are at our own risk if we sell products for kids. We had to put mini-bikes and quads [four wheelers] in storage; it's depressing." Suzuki is covering interest on the machines* until Feb. 28 for all affected units. Many in the industry say the ban kills future sales. "If kids don't start to ride by the time they are 10 or 12, they probably won't. We all started when we were kids; it builds brand loyalty, and you look forward to your next bigger bike or ATV. Says van Hooydonk: "Applying these regulations to ATVs and motorcycles is doing nothing to improve safety; instead, by making these unavailable to for kids to enjoy the sport in a responsible way is creating a dangerous situation. We don't want to see kids on adult motorcycles and ATVs, but when you take [the mini ATVs and dirt bikes] out of the equation, you run that risk." The good news is, Olson Power Sports were one of the first off brand dealers of these youth atvs and dirt bike to make the change to pass the new stringent higher quality regulations and has been selling the units ever since.

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